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Specialising in cancer support for women

You are not alone

Cutting edge neuroscience informed solutions for women who want to actively participate in their recovery, health and wellbeing

Natasha - Sanctuary Counselling

About Natasha

I have supported countless women since qualifying in 1988, who live or have lived with cancer in hospitals, cancer centres and in community settings.  I have helped women from the point of diagnosis to post treatment, women navigating survivorship or living with advanced cancer and supporting women with a terminal diagnosis.  These women have so generously shared their experiences with me, their worries, their anxieties, their fears, their confusion, their hopes and how their diagnosis has changed them.  So, I understand what women affected by cancer want and I know what has helped many women make amazing changes, big and small, in their lives after a cancer diagnosis.


I offer online support via phone/Telehealth/Workshops/ Programs please fill in your details below for more information.

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